Accurate Meshless Computational Fluid Dynamics

Whether you’re new to fluid dynamics or have years of experience, our proprietary “meshfree” technology makes accurate fluid simulation easy.

Morpheus has been carefully validated on a large suite of test-problems with known solutions, from water hitting obstacles to the formation of turbulent vortices. Let Morpheus worry about the numerics, you can focus 100% on product design.


Aerospace & Automotive


Streamline your designs with our cutting-edge approach. Our new meshless fluid simulation technology simplifies model setup and provides exceptional accuracy, enabling rapid design optimisation and enhancing productivity. Experience the advantage of handling complex geometries, free surface problems, high velocity turbulent flow, and large dynamic range problems with ease.

Medical & Healthcare


Accelerate your medical research and device design with our meshless CFD technology. Our innovative approach delivers superior accuracy, accommodates complex geometries, and seamlessly manages interfaces for fluid mixing. Unlock the potential of fluid dynamics for cutting-edge healthcare applications, like modelling air flow through face masks, blood flow in the body, or micro-fluid mixing, and improve patient outcomes.

Environment & Urban Planning


Empower your sustainable development and climate resilience with our meshless CFD technology. Our novel approach enables you to model and optimise your solutions for flood prevention, pollution control, and renewable energy, with ease. Discover how our fluid dynamics expertise can help you create eco-friendly solutions that safeguard communities and contribute to a healthier planet.

Oil & Gas


Unlock the full potential of your oil and gas operations with our state-of-the-art, accurate, meshless CFD technology. Our advanced approach streamlines model setup, allowing for rapid optimisation and risk reduction.

Defence & Security


Harness our state-of-the-art, accurate, meshless CFD technology to test, optimise and validate your defence solutions. Easy to set up and highly accurate, our technology allows you to simulate challenging real-world problems with confidence.


“As experts in the physics of fluid dynamics, working with Prof. Read and Dr. Linghan Li gave me confidence in their “digital twin” of our next generation face mask. They worked efficiently and at speed to help us rapidly prototype our product, building models that matched our experimental data, and avoiding the need for us to invest in expensive physical equipment to get to ultimate performance design.”

Denver Rich


Technical Information

Our new mesh-free Computational Fluid Dynamics method has all the advantages of other leading meshfree techniques on the market, while delivering the accuracy of leading mesh-based methods. It can model high velocity, turbulent, flow and complex geometry with ease. And, it has the ability to “zoom in” on regions of interest, significantly raising the efficiency of high-dynamic range problems.

In this example, we model a turbulent vortex with a Reynolds number of 10,000. This is a highly challenging problem for other leading mesh-free methods. Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics using an off-the-shelf code, for example (red), is unable to reproduce the reference solution (white). By contrast, Morpheus (yellow) tackles the problem with ease.


In this example, we model water impacting an obstacle. The graph shows the variation in pressure at the surface of the obstacle as a function of time, as measured in a real-world experiment (white). Morpheus (yellow) gives an excellent match to the experimental results.

Do you have a validation problem you would like us to try Morpheus on? Please contact us if you would like to test Morpheus’ performance for your projects.


Register Your Interest

We are actively seeking early adopters to try out our new fluid dynamics technology. There will be limited spaces on our beta-release trial, with the opporuntity to suggest new code features. If you would like to get involved, or would like to learn more about Morpheus, please complete our contact form, or E-mail us on: